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The famous old McGirr's pool room, which is where much of "The Hustler" was shot. (Director Robert Rossen also used the Ames pool room as a location.) McGirr's is described in this Life Magazine article as being located in the old Roseland building, on Broadway in New York City. However, it eventually moved over to 45th Street. (It has since closed.)
Above was Eighth Avenue, ringing with the sounds of passing cars and trucks and the human traffic milling around its bars and massage parlors. Down below, at 709 Eighth Avenue, it was another world. Silence prevailed, broken only by the click of ball on ball and an occasional short burst of applause.
The 10 men grouped around the five green tables wore everything from cashmere sweaters to sweat shirts. Some smoked, some chewed gum; Murray Shapiro chewed an unlighted cigar. (“It lasts longer that way,” said someone in the crowd.)
Boston Shorty, who is only 5 feet 2 inches, had to get up on the table quite a few times. Eddie Robins kept pulling things out of a suitcase full of equipment. And the Hawk made a lot of fancy shots leaning backward over the table.

East Meets West

These men are some of the beat billiard players in the country, and they came together last weekend from as far away as Las Vegas to play in McGirr's Billiards Academy's second tournament of the year, “The Best of the East Meets the Best of the West.” Not all the best players were present, of course; the $500 first‐prize money wasn't worth a trip from California or even Illinois for some players.
But some of the best came to the academy, between 45th and 46th
Streets—Boston Shorty, who is Larry Johnson, the defending United States champion; Jimmy (the Cat) Cattrano, of whom it is said no one can beat him in his own pool hall in Rego Park, Queens; Eddie Robins from Las Vegas, the only American to beat Raymond Ceulemans, the Belgian who some say is the world champion, had Billy (the Hawk) Hawkins from Decatur, Ill., who holds the world record for the “longest run” in three‐cushiun billiards‐19 points in a row.

Boston Shorty won.
The crowd, about 50 at the tournament's start, 75 by Saturday night and 100 for last night's playoff, looked as if it had spent much time watching billiards. Some were old champions themselves, like Joseph Stone, who has been playing since 1909.
Boston Shorty, who makes some money from pool, supplements his income driving* cab. Jose Diaz, a Chicago bartender who plays from four to seven hours a day,, said he had been married and divorced five times, all because of the game.

“There was never another woman,” he said.

Vincent Sbarbati, a stockbroker and the New Jersey state billiard champion, said he believed he was the only person on Wall Street with a billiard table. in his office.

It is a gentlemanly game, with all the players extolling one another's talent. The most demanding competition is between the player and his own skill.

They're all excellent players,” said Boston, Shorty when asked who his toughest competition would be. “My biggest worry is myself.”

A good player doesn't just make point, he “plays position” or makes the point so that his next shot is set up for him. If he can't make a shot, he “plays safe,” or makes the shot impossible for his opponent.
There was a lot of quiet drama during the tournament—several runs of six or seven points and many hairline misses. By yesterday f the six finalists had been picked—Boston Shorty, Billy Hawkins, Eddie Robins, Murray Shapiro, Billy Maloney and Vince Sbarbito. The winners won't make much for their more than 18 hours of playing. They didn't seem to mind; the important thing was to be able to match wits with the greats.

The New York Times/Marilynn K.

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