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Luther Lassiter (November 5, 1918 – October 25, 1988), born Luther Clement Lassiter, Jr. and nicknamed Wimpy, was a world-renowned American pool player from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The winner of six world championships and numerous other titles, Lassiter is most well known for his wizardry in the game of nine-ball at which he is widely considered one of the greatest players in history, if not the greatest. He was inducted into the Billiards Congress of America's Hall of Fame in 1983. That same year, he was also inducted into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. He was ranked number 9 on the Billiards Digest 50 Greatest Players of the Century.
"I watch a man shoot pool for an hour. If he misses more than one shot I know I can beat him."

"The undershirt is the most foolish item in a man's wardrobe. I shall never wear one again." – at Johnston City, Illinois, November 1963

"Man is the strangest of all the Lord's creatures. The trouble with man is he doesn't know how to live ... I'm a pool player, so they ask me, 'Haven't you done anything with your life except shoot pool? Haven't you ever worked?' I always tell them, 'Well, no, sir, I can't say that I've ever worked.' That always gets those rascals, 'cause they always ask, 'But how have you managed to live?' Oh, Lawdie, that's so silly. I tell them, 'Sir, I live like a tree – 3 percent from the soil and 97 percent from the air.' You know, that's true." - to Tom Fox at McAnn's Saloon in New York City, 1967, during the World 14.1 Continuous Championship, which he won after defeating Jack "Jersey Red" Breit, with a score of 150-73.

"I don't know why so many people love to play pool. Might as well ask why a hen lays eggs or a cow stands still while a farmer burglarizes her."

When another hall of famer, 'Champagne' Edwin Kelly was asked who was the toughest player he ever played against, he responded that it depended on the game but that if it was "9-ball, it would have to be Luther Lassiter...Wimpy was the best...He was the best shot-maker that I ever saw
Hustler Days
During the early 1940s, following his discharge from the Coast Guard, Lassiter's main running buddy was Rudolph Walter Wanderone, best known as Minnesota Fats. Their town of preference was Norfolk, Virginia, which was known at the time as the highest-rolling place for pool hustlers, card players, and gamblers in general. During these years, Lassiter became the "undisputed king" of the pool hustlers, reportedly winning over $300,000 from gambling on pool games between 1942 and 1948 (including $15,000 in a single week). He often accepted "money games" involving extraordinary sums, often around $1,000 a game. It was during this time that he developed his confidence and skill necessary to begin competing on the professional level with the greatest pocket-billiard masters of the day, including Willie Mosconi and Irving Crane.

The last "challenge match"
In the nineteenth century and up through the mid-1950s, a common way for world billiards titles to change hands was by a challenge match, meaning a challenge was issued to a championship titleholder accompanied by stake money held by a third party. Lassiter's successful defense of his title at the World Pocket Billiard Challenge in 1966 against Cisero Murphy was the last title challenge in billiards. At that match Lassiter showed his talent at sharking—that is, performing some act with the intent of distracting the opponent. Reportedly, Murphy was on a great and long run of balls. In response, Lassiter pretended to fall asleep. When Murphy noticed Lassiter sleeping he promptly missed. Lassiter, who was wide awake, jumped out of his chair and ran out the match for the win.
After the sudden decline of the gambling action in Norfolk around 1948, Lassiter was forced to begin competing professionally in pool tournaments held across the country. His first major tournament was the World Straight Pool Championships in 1953 held in San Francisco's Downtown Bowl; the player who knocked him out—and who would go on to win the tournament and then the world title—was Willie Mosconi.
It was also during this time that Lassiter formed a partnership with Don Willis, a player who—while never having won any world titles because he never competed in any of the tournaments—had beaten some of pool's greatest players, including Jimmy Moore, Ralph Greenleaf, and Willie Mosconi, all in straight pool. In 1948, Willis beat Lassiter in nine-ball on Lassiter's home turf, Elizabeth City; it was Lassiter's best game. Indeed, Willis' talent for nine-ball was the primary reason for Lassiter forming a partnership with Willis rather than a rivalry. Together they would go on the road and hustle pool rooms, sometimes winning anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 over a period of several days

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